About Lilah

Lilah Harding studied journalism, worked telephone solicitations to earn money while in college, and fell in love for the first time. From that first tumultuous relationship, she learned the arts of suspense, seduction, anticipation, and illusion. Those arts began to inform her writing, as well.

Facing financial hardship, Lilah discovered by a lucky accident that she had a talent for the entertainment industry of phone sex. It paid much better than the traditional telephone sales she’d undertaken. Each client was a story, a play, an intimate theater production for an audience of one.

The story changed for each client, based on their needs and desires. Stories ranged from innocent tryst to experimentation to humiliation or violence. Lilah embodied the roles of counselor, partner, dominatrix, victim, enemy, and lover.

As a writer, working with clients provided fertile ground for the development of erotic stories. It allowed rare glimpses into raw, guileless human behavior which could inform future characters. Lilah Harding writes erotica for fun and profit.

Lilah participated in an interview with Michelle Devon (affectionately known as Michy by her many friends). Find the interview at Author Interview: Lilah Harding~~Erotic Writer.