B for Big’uns

Some men hide a dirty little secret from even their best friends: they like big boobs and/or butts! Oh, sure, they look at the petite super-models with their friends and make all the appropriate remarks, but what actually gets them ready to go is a woman with curves and cushion, a woman ripe with delicious potential, someone they could oil up and glide their hands over before gliding other parts. But for those men, the ones who keep this desire a deep, dark secret, even if they find the woman of their dreams, she’ll usually be kept a secret bedroom treat because the guys are afraid of what their buddies might think or say. And that’s sad – for the guys – because they are bound to lose.

Other men are all about salaciously salivating over big breasts, tiny waists, and bubble butts. They would never miss an opportunity to show off their prize as scantily clad as possible while oogling and pawing. If they could figure out how to set up public gelatin wrestling matches with other buxom beauties, I’m sure they would, while anticipating how they might “hose” the contenders down after.

Believe it or not, there are men out there who are neither ashamed nor over the top in their love for shapely, feminine companions. Comments from friends bounce off them because they know what they like and what they have. They have no need to exploit their companions to obtain attention for themselves. Confident in who they are and their choices, they treat their companions with respect and expect the same in return.

I find it interesting that in this time when so many are open to accepting love in it’s many forms, there are still so many who hesitate to accept their own desires or the desires of others if size or shape do not conform to perceived societal ideals (not norms, mind you, but ideals).

In the dark, on a phone, to an anonymous stranger, some men reveal their darkest dreams and desires while others simply try to live out fantasies. But a few, a rare few, simply try to connect, for a few minutes, with another human being, another heart and soul.

For those ladies blessed with big’uns, in whatever form they might take, I hope you find the emotionally mature men who value you and love you for who you are and take pride in you, always. You don’t deserve to be hidden away. You don’t deserve to be exploited. You need to value yourselves enough to hold the men in your lives accountable for their choices and actions.

For the men blessed with the proclivity for big’uns in whatever form they might take, I hope that you become emotionally mature, if you have not already, and that you find bliss.

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