A for Ambition!

Growing up, believe it or not, I did not aspire to write racy stories (yeah, I know you knew that… sarcasm is so difficult to convey in written form, sometimes). I did not aspire to write at all! No, my childhood ambition was to swim every day, all day long, with dolphins and whales, studying them, their pod dynamics, and their language patterns.

Swimming with dolphins… nothing erotic there. Nope. No repressed sexual desires were possibly at play. My young mind was filled with visions of long, hard, sleek bodies breaking up through the surface and diving deep below again, jumping over one another at play, racing through frothy surf. Watching these bodies entwined in the vee of foam at the bow of a ship, pulsing, diving, pumping, joyful… it made my pulse race, my heart beat faster.

I wanted to swim with those dolphins. That was my ambition.

As an adult, several years ago, I had the honor of swimming with wild dolphins, being accepted by them, even recognized by them after a time. Have you ever felt a dolphin or whale? They are sleek, a bit rubbery, muscular, and very smooth. They are powerful yet gentle – they feel benevolent. Each one is an intelligent presence, a unique personality.

It was a realized ambition, but it was so much different than what I had once envisioned. It was more peaceful and more enriching, but it was not my life’s work.

May you realize your ambitions!

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  1. Michelle Devon (Michy) Says:

    Dolphins are so awesome! I have enjoyed watching them now that I live on the coast and have gotten to see some in real, live person!

    Love and stuff,

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