Excerpt: CELESTE and ABDUCTED Preview, by Michelle Devon

Today, I’m pleased to present one of my favorite suspense authors (and she’s not bad at the erotica either, check out her novella Three, by Michelle Devon on Amazon.com). Michelle Devon is a personal mentor. I found her through Accentuate Writers and TTM. She has helped me hone my erotic writing skills with her expert editing, and I now have two shorts published and a story in Rendezvous, an erotic anthology by Passionate Pens, to show for her hard mentoring work, no erotic pun intended there.

Today, I’m very excited to share with you an exclusive excerpt from her upcoming new release entitled ABDUCTED. Remember, if you leave a comment, you might also win a free copy of ABDUCTED, before it releases to the public.

Excerpt: Celeste, by Michelle Devon


“Why do you come here, Kyle?”

Kyle looked at the man who sat across from him. His beard and glasses, in Kyle’s opinion, made him the perfect image of the psychiatrist the certificate framed and hung on the wall indicated.

Kyle shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess, I’m supposed to.”

“Every session, we talk about the same things. You seem adjusted now: good job, new girlfriend, pay your bills, have friends and a social life. What compels you to come here session after session and pay me my, let’s face it, exorbitant fee?”

Kyle sighed. “I guess, my brother. He worries. Ever since mom and dad passed on, he’s been protective of me.”

The psychiatrist nodded.

“Yeah, I guess I come here so he doesn’t worry.”

“That’s the wrong reason for therapy. It’s been two years since your breakdown over your parents’ death. You’re off your medication; there’s nothing to monitor. I just want to discuss what you plan to get out of our continued therapy.”

“I don’t know. It makes Mark feel better. Quite frankly, Dr. Lower, it makes me feel better too.”

The doctor nodded. “All right. What is it you want to accomplish here?”

“I don’t guess I’ve thought that far ahead, doc.”

“Do you think you still need therapy?”

“Maybe,” Kyle said. “Actually, I do have something I want to discuss. My brother wants to meet Celeste. I’ve sort of been keeping her to myself.”

“Why do you think you’re doing that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe because things have been so good between us I don’t want the real world to get in the way. It has a way of doing that.” Kyle stood and walked to the window of the office and looked down at the street. “I like having her to myself, and Mark can be judgmental.”

“You think he’d judge you?”

“I think he’d judge her.”

“Is there something about her you think your brother wouldn’t approve of?”

Kyle shrugged again. “I don’t know.”

The doctor nodded again.

“Maybe I’m a little afraid to love openly,” Kyle finally answered.

More nodding.

“Maybe it is a little related to my parents.”

“How so?” the doctor asked.

“Well, see… I don’t know.” When the doctor remained silent, Kyle turned back to the couch and sat again. He sighed and fidgeted with his hands. “After mom and dad died, I felt like I’d lost so much. I mean, I know it shouldn’t have hit me so hard, but it did.”

“We all deal with grief in our own way.”

“I know. But lots of people lose parents and don’t end up in mental hospitals.” He broke off and sighed. “Some part of me feels like if I keep Celeste all to myself, nothing bad can happen to her. It’s crazy, I know.”

“Lucky for you, crazy is my business.” Both the doctor and Kyle chuckled. “You’re afraid something bad will happen if you introduce Celeste to your brother?”

“No, it’s not that. It’s more… We stay in, she cooks, we mess around, and it’s fun. It’s good. It’s better than good.”

“So what’s your problem?”

“I don’t guess I have one, most days, until…###End of Excerpt!


If you want to find out what the ‘until’ means, you’ll have to go pick up your own copy at Amazon.com. It’s okay if you don’t have a Kindle. Just pick up the Kindle for PC application on Amazon and you’ll be reading in no time. It’s completely free. You can also read on the Amazon Cloud Reader too. Your choice. Just click the link above to buy.


Excerpt: Abducted, by Michelle Devon (coming soon!)

The light was blinding, right in his eyes, the first and only thing he could see when he awoke. He squinted against the intrusion into the darkness of his mind. Had he been asleep? Had he been… he couldn’t remember. Couldn’t remember anything.

First, he tried to move his arm, his left arm, but it wouldn’t move, wouldn’t respond to any commands he tried to will his brain to send it. He could turn his head a little, but not much, not far enough to see anything around him except the blaring light. About the only thing that would respond were his eyes, and he could wiggle his fingers a little. He couldn’t feel his legs or wiggle his toes. A momentary panic hit him when he wondered if his lower body was even still there, but when he moved his fingers, his brain registered that he was touching the side of his leg. He breathed a little slower, realizing he’d been hyperventilating. He could blink, but each time he did so, it was harder to open his eyes again. This all passed in a matter of seconds, but he felt like it was an eternity, as though everything moved in slow motion. Even sound was muffled and slow, though there were few sounds that reached his ear.

He tried to speak, but no sound came out of his mouth.


There is more to come soon, when Michelle Devon releases Abducted to the public, which should happen September 1, 2012! If you’re one of the lucky blog commenters on the Walker Author Tours virtual book tour for Michelle Devon and Celeste, you’ll win one free copy of Abducted, before anyone else can read it!




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  1. Carole Mathis Says:

    I am excited to read Abducted. I loves Celeste and look forward to all of Ms Devon’s books an amazing author

  2. Farah Says:

    I’m the cover designer of “Abducted”. I didn’t read it, but I had a faint idea of what it was about. Reading this little bit here makes me look forward to its release! Another awesome read by Michelle Devon!

  3. Lilah Says:

    I was so excited when Michelle offered to provide an exclusive excerpt of ABDUCTED! I’m really looking forward to reading this story, and I loved the cover art, previewed recently.

  4. Sheila Robinson Says:

    These are nice excerpts. Celeste and Abducted both have interesting storylines. I am looking forward to reading more.

  5. Jennifer Walker Says:

    Thank you for stepping in with this extra tour stop!

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