Book Review: CELESTE

CELESTE, a novella by Michelle Devon (aka Michy to her fans), weaves a dark, twisty, intricate puzzle for the reader to solve. I loved everything about this story from the characters and plot to the way my perceptions changed while I read to the unresolved questions left lingering in my mind, so like life.

The basic take on boy meets girl is twisted when we find out that the protagonist, Kyle, has been struggling to regain his bearings on reality after losing his parents in a tragic accident. After hospitalization and continued therapy, Kyle has resumed a “normal” routine. He’s even met someone special: Celeste.

Tall, dark, mysterious, and gorgeous, Celeste is also sexy, nurturing, patient, and intelligent. There are even a few artfully written erotic moments between Kyle and Celeste! It’s easy to see why Kyle is so taken with Celeste.

Ms. Devon paints scenes for us, allows our minds to fill in the details, and then manages to pull the rug out from beneath us so masterfully that we empathize with Kyle completely. The questions her story will leave you with might be a study into your own psyche, your own level of paranoia, and the places that normalcy, perception, and reality have in your life.

This is an excellent, entertaining novella, and I highly recommend it to those who enjoy suspense, thrills, puzzles, and mystery. I rate it 5 of 5 ticklers!

Courtesy of Walker Author Tours and Michelle Devon, I will randomly choose to award a gift copy of CELESTE to someone who comments on this review. Look for more giveaways on tour stops to come. Visit Walker Author Tours to see the schedule. Please look for my upcoming interview with Michelle in September and another chance to win!




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  1. Michy Says:

    Beautiful blog! Thanks for hosting a stop on this virtual book tour, Lilah! I really enjoyed the interview with you, so I’m very much looking forward to that next month! Thanks for the great review of Celeste!

    Love and stuff,

  2. Lilah Says:

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

    Michy, Thank you for the compliment on the blog. I’m new at this and learning more about blogging… you make it look easy and seamless!

    I’m excited about my interview with Michy next month and hope to see everyone back here. I’ve had a sneak preview, and Michy has some revealing answers!

  3. Derek Odom Says:

    Wonderful review! I enjoyed the story, too.

  4. Mark Alan shaffer Says:

    This sounds like a good book. I would like to read it!

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  5. Jennifer Walker Says:

    Thanks so much for hosting Michy on her tour! Great review.

  6. CELESTE Virtual Book Tour | Walker Author Tours Says:

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  7. Sheila Robinson Says:

    Nice review! Celeste sounds like an engaging thought provoking story.

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