B for Big’uns

Some men hide a dirty little secret from even their best friends: they like big boobs and/or butts! Oh, sure, they look at the petite super-models with their friends and make all the appropriate remarks, but what actually gets them ready to go is a woman with curves and cushion, a woman ripe with delicious […]

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A for Ambition!

Growing up, believe it or not, I did not aspire to write racy stories (yeah, I know you knew that… sarcasm is so difficult to convey in written form, sometimes). I did not aspire to write at all! No, my childhood ambition was to swim every day, all day long, with dolphins and whales, studying […]

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Interview with Michelle Devon!

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Michelle Devon. Michelle is the talented author of CELESTE and has been a mentor to me. Lilah – You come up with some amazingly true-to-life characters in your books and CELESTE is no exception. For you, as you are coming up with your stories, which comes first, the […]

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Excerpt: CELESTE and ABDUCTED Preview, by Michelle Devon

Today, I’m pleased to present one of my favorite suspense authors (and she’s not bad at the erotica either, check out her novella Three, by Michelle Devon on Amazon.com). Michelle Devon is a personal mentor. I found her through Accentuate Writers and TTM. She has helped me hone my erotic writing skills with her expert […]

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Book Review: CELESTE

CELESTE, a novella by Michelle Devon (aka Michy to her fans), weaves a dark, twisty, intricate puzzle for the reader to solve. I loved everything about this story from the characters and plot to the way my perceptions changed while I read to the unresolved questions left lingering in my mind, so like life. The […]

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Erotica and Clichés

Chances are that when you think of erotica, if you think of erotica at all, you think of a series of clichés and bad jokes. You might even have developed some judgements. So let’s examine the clichés first. Clichés About Erotica Teenage boys read erotic letters in pornographic magazines as their first introduction to sexual […]

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